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Empowering entrepreneurs

Varenne’s founder Tommy Jacobson has gathered other entrepreneurs around him as co-owners of the company that he founded in 2001. Together, we at Varenne want to help other entrepreneurs on their journey by providing both capital and expertise.

Vision, business concept and goals

Varenne wants to contribute to a corporate climate characterised by growth, development and long-term value creation.

Our business concept is to work actively for each portfolio company’s success, thereby generating a good long-term return for Varenne’s shareholders. We invest in Nordic entrepreneur-led growth companies that are seeking expansion capital and a long-term financial co-investor and equity partner.

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Varenne’s mission is to be a value-adding equity partner for Nordic entrepreneur-led growth companies.
Varenne aims to be an attractive, long-term investment with a good return over time.

Each investment must generate a total return of at least 15 percent.


Investment strategy

Varenne invests mainly in unlisted entrepreneur-led Nordic growth companies seeking expansion capital as well as a long-term financial co-investor and equity partner in order to continue developing the company at a fast pace.

The companies must have a proven business model via good growth in turnover and underlying positive cash flows, taking into consideration major growth investments.

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Varenne makes investments where we see that, as an owner, we can get involved and contribute to the company’s continued future development through our knowledge, experience, broad networks and capital for growth.


Adding value

Varenne som ägare gör skillnad genom att vi arbetar i styrelsen och nära bolagsledning med fokus på:

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Operational development
Business plan work and strategies for growth, as well as operational efficiency and thereby profitability.

Financial structure
Ensuring that the company’s capital structure is in line with the company’s strategy, risk profile and development phase.

Organisational development
Ensuring well-functioning management structures in the company, at both board and management team level.

Corporate governance
Ensuring that there are clear directives from the owners, structured and business-driven board work, clear reporting on operations and an appropriate legal structure.

Contacts and networks
Promoting the portfolio companies’ businesses through access to Varenne’s broad expert networks and business contacts.


Community engagement

The Mapungubwe Foundation Centre is a charity project that was initiated by Leif Rahmqvist and is situated in the town of Alldays, South Africa. In 2014 Varenne became involved and sponsored the building of this children’s home. Through our contribution we can play a part in improving conditions for the children and helping them to a secure life in safety with nutritious food, clean drinking water, a bed of their own, toilets, showers, education and everything else that children need – not least, being able to laugh and play.

“All children have the right to security, care and a good start in life. That’s why I founded the Mapungubwe Foundation Centre, with the aim of building and running a children’s home that gives these homeless children a secure place to grow up.”
LEIF RAHMQVIST, founder and chairman


The Aktivis Fund provides financial support to children with special needs – children who want to try to develop their sporting abilities in order to feel better, live a bit more healthily and meet friends who share their interest in sports and being active. Varenne has contributed to the fund and is also directly involved through CEO Andreas Bladh, who was part of a group that raised funds by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in January 2016.