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Is your company on the way to something big, but needs an equity partner and expansion capital in order to develop? If so, then Varenne is interested in finding out more. Read below about the criteria that we have set for our investments.

Investment criteria

To find investments that satisfy our business concept Varenne has a number of investment criteria. The criteria should be seen as guidance for companies seeking an equity partner and capital who want to know whether Varenne might be the right partner for them.

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The most important investment criteria are:

  • There must be a demand and a need for an active equity partner, as well as expansion capital, and thus 1–2 places on the board of the company.
  • Owners must be able to define a shared agenda with a horizon of 3–5 years.
  • As equity partner, Varenne must be able to make a concrete contribution to accelerating the development of the company.
  • Potential to double the company’s value in less than 5 years.
  • The investment should be in the order of SEK 20–40 million and may take place in multiple stages.
  • The company must have a proven business model, which means that the company’s core business should be cash-flow positive (excluding direct growth investments).
  • The company’s annual turnover should be in the range SEK 50–500 million.

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Investment process

Varenne is fast-moving and agile when we feel it is appropriate, but at the same time has a structured and analytical approach to each new investment decision.

We start the process by going through the company’s business model, business plans, investment terms, etc. Most important of all, however, is getting to know the people behind the business. Our business concept is to be an equity partner to entrepreneurs who want to take great strides. Essential to this is strong relationships and a shared agenda.

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Once the analysis process is complete, we draw up internal documentation for decision-making which is used as a basis for the Board’s decision on investment. If the Board approves the investment, a shareholder agreement is drawn up and the investment is made.
Then we start work on building the company together.

Want to know more about our approach to potential investments? Contact us with your questions and we’ll tell you more.